This function will calculate the correlation among all columns in the metadata

degCorCov(metadata, fdr = 0.05, ...)



data.frame with samples metadata.


numeric value to use as cutoff to determine the minimum fdr to consider significant correlations between pcs and covariates.


Parameters to pass to ComplexHeatmap::Heatmap().


: list: a) cor, data.frame with pair-wise correlations, pvalues, FDR b) corMat, data.frame with correlation matrix c) fdrMat, data.frame with FDR matrix b) plot, Heatmap plot of correlation matrix


data(humanGender) library(DESeq2) idx <- c(1:10, 75:85) dse <- DESeqDataSetFromMatrix(assays(humanGender)[[1]][1:1000, idx], colData(humanGender)[idx,], design=~group) cor <- degCorCov(colData(dse))
#> Warning: The input is a data frame, convert it to the matrix.