Get colors for your heatmap annotation

This post will show how to configure quickly the colors for the annotation of rows/columns that go on top or on the side of a heatmap. I normally use pheatmap a lot.

How to plot miRNA, gene expression and functional analysis together

This post should show you an easy way to get the following data type integrated into a figure: functional enrichment analysis gene expression data from any technology miRNA expression data from any technology I am using the function isoNetwork from the package isomiRs, that of course is developed by me :) My ego is not that big, it is just I wanted a figure showing that information, and I couldn’t find any at a time, but if you know any, tweet me about it to @lopantano.

Subset of object creates bigger RDA file size than original object

This is a funny story, and I will try to tell you how I realized I don’t know anything about R in 400 words. I work at the Bioinformatic Core at Harvard TH School.